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DevMode: Per-project service control

This utility lets you start the services that you need when you need them, as defined in a per-project manifest file.


Install using composer:

$ composer global require noccylabs/devmode:@stable  # ...or @dev

Make sure that your ~/.composer/vendor/bin is on your path.

Next, create a devmode.json manifest in the root of your project:

    "uses": {
        "mongodb": true

Now, you can control your services from the terminal:

# To start the service(s):
$ devmode up

# To stop them again:
$ devmode down

# To check the status on the services:
$ devmode status

Plugin functionality

Use a specific memcached instance

"memcached/instance_name": true

To start all, either of these works:

"memcached/all": true
"memcached": true

Use a symfony web server

"symfony/httpd": true
"symfony/httpd": { "bind":"" }

Use any service

"service_name": true

Writing plugins

Have a look at the bundled plugins for reference.