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This package provides interfaces for classes that act as facades for other more obscure filesystem, such as the noccylabs/atk bridging the Android filesystem, or noccylabs/ssh2 that provides a FilesystemInterface compatible Sftp subsystem.


Install as a dependency using composer

    $ composer require noccylabs/filesysteminterface:0.1.*

Or directly in your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "noccylabs/filesysteminterface": "0.1.*",

The interface

This is the interface as of 0.1.0:

    interface NoccyLabs\Filesystem\FilesystemInterface
        public function send($local, $remote, $create_mode=0644);
        public function receive($remote, $local);
        public function chmod($remote, $mode);
        public function mkdir($remote, $mode=0777, $recursive=false);
        public function readlink($remote);
        public function realpath($remote);
        public function rename($from, $to);
        public function stat($remote);
        public function symlink($target, $link);
        public function unlink($remote);


Most of the methods should be obvious, but some of them may require additional explanations.